The Care Ministry at Grace Church exists to help the hurting by meeting their needs emotionally, financially and physically. Contact the church office at 903.723.6143 and our Chief Care Coordinator Scott will be in touch shortly.  


At Grace, we understand that sometimes people need a deeper level of help than what our pastors can offer. We have several wonderful counselors that we are connected with through Grace.  These counselors work on a fee for service basis. All of the counselors offer Christian counseling in a loving, helpful environment.


Sometimes counseling is just not enough. No matter how much we try in our strength to reason it out and bring things to light with a counselor, we are limited in the healing work we can do.  This is where deliverance from various types of baggage can help us through prayer.  Our deliverance ministry will pray for you and lead you into victory over those things that hold us back.  


At Grace, we try to help families to get over the hump with temporary relief financially by partnering with First Resource Outreach Center in Palestine.  We also offer limited resources through our benevolence program.  

Family Care

Your family is important to Grace.  When families go through a crisis with hospitalizations, sickness or death, we want to be there for you. When your family celebrates the joy of adding a new baby, let us pray for you and gift you with some baby items.  Please let us know about your situation so we can help you.