Ministry for Moms


Let's Be Honest...

Being a mom is hard work.  Motherhood is an amazing journey filled with wonderful surprises and joys.  It's also lonely and difficult at times.  As a woman, being a mom redefines your role in the world.  Your view of your life changes.  It can be great and...exhausting...and beautiful...and confusing. All at the same time. 

At Grace, we want to help women through this passage of motherhood by being supportive of them on their journey.  The best way to grow through the process of being a mom is to get connected with other moms who are going through the same thing.  There's nothing like someone saying, "Me too!" to help you know you're not alone...or crazy.  

To help moms, we have a Mom & Tot PIYO class on Tuesdays at 10:00-10:30. Stay longer and enjoy some specialty coffee to sip on the patio. You can't always go to the spa, but you can come to Grace.  

Stay tuned for developments on this exciting ministry!