What to Expect at Grace

Grace offers three services to choose from during the week.  Some of them are different and may appeal to you in a different way.  Here are some explanations of our worship.  Worship at Grace is open to everyone and we don't have a dress code. Whatever you want to wear is fine with us.  But we are a laid back and casual church so don't worry about coming to a place that feels stuffy. We are the opposite of that. We try to be real, honest and down to earth people who seek after God. 


9:30 & 11 AM Contemporary Services

Our contemporary services feature a live band, a highly relevant message and an upbeat, Spirit-filled atmosphere. We hold these services in our main worship center.  These are our largest services.  We have a time of prayer at the end of every service. Communion is once a month on the first Sunday. 11 AM is on Facebook Live every Sunday. 

Meets 9:30-10:30

Meets 11:00-12:00


Mid-Week Service

Not everybody can make a Sunday service work for them. Jobs and family obligations sometimes get in the way of worshipping on Sunday. Other times you want something different from the Sunday experience. The MidWeek worship offers you both.  MidWeek offers an in-depth, verse by verse, Bible message for those that want to go deeper in the Word of God, and a prayer time at the end.

Meets Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 PM